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Optimize SQL Statement in Toad For Data Analysts


Probably a dumb question but I have searched for the answer with no luck.

The Optimize SQL Statement icon does not show on my Editor toolbar. When I ‘customize’ the toolbar, the icon appears, but disappears the moment I exit the toolbar customize dialog.

Does that tool only work for a specific kind of database? I mostly connect to SQL Server dbs. Our Oracle dbs have been ‘phased out’ and converted to SQL Server (I work for a County Gvmt and it’s a cost thing).

If it is supposed to work with SQL Server db, what am I doing wrong?


The Optimize SQL statement toolbutton is a launch point to the SQL Optimizer tool. Do you have this product? We do not bundle it with TDA so therefore the toolbutton is not supposed to show. You are able to customize it because the code base is also used for Toad for SQL Server.



So, it’s a separate product to buy? Ah well…we basically have no budget for ‘nice to have’ items.

Thanks for the speedy response though!