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I recently downloaded the trial version to evaluate the product "Toad for SQL Server" that I used years ago on other project. And the main feature I wish to test is just one that is not available in this installation of trial version. How can I test and make a presentation to the right person in my company in way to buy your product if it lacks the main reason to have it? I searched the specific "SQL Optimizer for SQL server" to download. Its listed as an old version the the download link is broken in your website.

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You'll want to download the Toad for SQL Server product (link works, just checked it)

and you'll want to make sure that you get a trial key that allows for the SQL Optimizer capabilities. This is typically the Xpert edition of Toad, or higher. The key that gets sent to you should enable the Optimizer component, but if not, please talk to the Sales representative that will follow up with you.

Maybe you missunderstood of what broken link I was talking about. See this: SQL Optimizer for SQL Server - Download Software

And about the product Toad for SQL Server, of course it works, i downloaded and tested from it. I said that version does not came with SQL Optimizer installed, it just have a button to run it and gives that message that the optimize is not installed. And yes I got the trial serial to use it. Where is to download this trial of Xpert edition of Toad ? I can't immagine evaluate a product without one of this distinguish features and need contact sales for this, kinda bad strategy to sell dont you agree ?

The link you mention above points to the licensable product download from our Support site, not the trial download.

Secondly, when you initiate the Toad for SQL Server installer, the Optimizer component should be installed already. See snap below... if you have installed the trial download, and you are still getting the 'not installed' message, please confirm, and we might have to have Support take a looksie.

Ok, that "SQL Optimizer" download was an attempt to install the missing module of the product. But since is expected to have it working in trial version, this is what I get when i click "Optimize current statement" button:

Installation file name: ToadforSQLServer_7.4.0.79.x64.exe
Maybe the install package only install x64 module versions and the optimizer is x86... just a guess.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention... I'm sending to our R&D team to get a better fix on this. The Optimizer SHOULD be installed, even for a trial download.

Can we verify at least that your license key is enabling Toad's use of the Optimizer?
When you bring up the license info within Toad, does it say Xpert Edition?

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Thanks for your quick attention on this matter.

I have a list of folders & files names in "C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for SQL Server 7.4" but the forums not alllows me to enter extensive text or upload a .txt file.

Hi Valdecir,
The Toad for SQL Server Full installer has been placed back on our site. The Full installer includes all bundled products including SQL Optimizer for SQL Server. Please feel free and download it: Toad for SQL Server | Free Trial

In the meantime, the team is working to upload the latest version of Toad for SQL Server Full installer in the upcoming weeks.

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Thanks, using that full installer everything is working: