"OR REPLACE" keyword is missing from source code of trigger

The generated source code in SB | Tables | RHS Triggers window doesn't contain the "OR REPLACE" keyword. Using the toolbar icon Open trigger in Editor or selecting a trigger in SB | Triggers | RHS I think is fine.

Hi Tamas,

I fixed this problem in the Alter Trigger window in the beta that was released today. If you don't have 17.1.601.3308, please update.

I'm not seeing the problem in the 64-bit beta for SB Triggers RHS. Please check to see if you have this option checked:


I'm on the latest beta version: Toad for Oracle Professional (64-bit) 17.1.601.3308

Please choose Tables in the SB LHS, then select a table that has at least one trigger. For the selected table RHS | Triggers window, the keyword "OR REPLACE" will be missing from the source code displayed there.

Oh, SB-TABLES-Triggers. I missed that. I'll fix. Thanks.