ORA-01719 during Schema compare Toad version

Every time I need to compare schemas I recieve this error. Compare is not working on

I haven’t seen that. Turn on spool SQL (main menu -> database -> spool sql -> spool to screen). This will capture the queries that Toad executes. You can search the output for 1719 to find the query with the error.

Edit: The queries will vary based on Oracle version, privileges, schema (yours or another), and the types of objects found in the schema. I just tried this on 12c, 12cR2, and 10gR2, with a high priv user and a low priv user and couldn’t reproduce it.

Please post the offending query here and hopefully I can give you a way to avoid it.

I also am getting this error, here is the output:

Select s.*, o.object_type
where s.table_owner = :own or s.owner = :own
and s.table_owner = o.owner (+)
and s.table_name = o.object_name (+)
and ((o.object_type is null) or (o.object_type in ('TABLE','FUNCTION','SYNONYM','VIEW','PACKAGE','PROCEDURE','SEQUENCE','TYPE','JAVA CLASS')))
order by s.owner, s.synonym_name
Error: ORA-01719: outer join operator (+) not allowed in operand of OR or IN

FYI, this error is triggered by enabling object type option “Synonyms Private, for schema’s objects”

Thanks, I see the error. It’s actually caused by both of the “synonyms Private” options checked. If you uncheck either one of them, the error goes away.

Also, I just noticed that all of the synonym options are not together.

Thank you John. It´s working now.

Luis H>

It’s fixed for next beta.