ORA-01986: OPTIMIZER_GOAL is obsolete

Getting log in error in connecting Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit using SQL Navigator old release Per Oracle metalink cause/solution verified that LoginTrigger is not the issue (which we dropped).

Does it need any patch/upgrade for SQL Navigator and how to get/implement that please?


Ajay Pimpariya
(408) 420-5813

sqlnav is doing some alters,after logon, setting nls parameters and optimizer mode (goal in previous versions) too. Yes OPTIMIZER_GOAL was replaced with OPTIMIZER_MODE in latest versions of oracle, so sqlnav 4 is rather old and it uses old method to set this parameter. Try go to preferencess, session, and set optimizer_goal to default, then try connect to database.
In versions 5.x and 6.x this problem not exists.