SQL Navigator - Error -2147418113 has occurred.

I have a new Oracle 11i database. When I try to log in using SQL Navigator 5.5 I get the following error:
Problem: Error -2147418113 has occurred.
Solution: Make sure connection parameters are correct and try again.

When I click OK, in the status pane I see "Access violation at address 00451700 in module ‘SQLNav5.exe’. Read of address 72617774’ I then have to go into Task Manager and End Task on SQLNav5.exe. This is happening to everyone in our office with SQLNav5. I can log in with SQLNav 6, Toad, SLQ+, and other SQL editors.

Any advice?

Mark,I think it is only from SqlNav 5.5.4 onwards possible to connect to an Oracle 11g instance, so I’d suggest you upgrade.

Hi Mark,

Dominique is right. 11g Support has been added since v5.5.4.
Please refer to the product release note of each release for the full list of the Oracle DBs and Clients SQL Navigator supports.

Here is the link you can get up-to date all doc files for each release - http://sqlnavigator.inside.quest.com/entry.jspa?categoryID=123&externalID=314

Thanks and regards,