ORA Error code added in ignored list not getting imported with the Automation Package

We added the ORA Error code 00942 in ignored list in Execute Script flow and exported the package, but when the package is imported the ORA Error is not present in the ignore list causing the flow to be failed due to ORA 00942.
Below is the SS for the ORA error added.

Hi Mithun,

That option "Fail action on script error" is not about flow control of the script.

If you want the script to abort on errors, use sql commands in your script like

whenever sqlerror exit or whenever sqlerror continue

The option "fail action on script error" is about the run status shown here

And the flow control of the automation. So if you wanted to stop automation after the script failure you could use an if-then action with it to do so.

However, I see that "Except if error is in the ignored list" is not working correctly for the script status. I will log this as a bug and have it fixed for version 17.1.