Automation designer - SQL script giving pop up for Oracle errors which were added to ignore

In Toad automation designer, for SQL script automation, we have added ORA errors to ignore , but when we execute automation package we still get pop up for the ignored error occurs in the script. How to avoid this pop-up

Can you provide some detail on how you run the action?

Also, Do you see one popup at the end, or one for each error? From the GUI, I only see one popup at the end.

Popups can appear when you run an action from within the Toad GUI, but if you were to schedule the action, there would be no popup.

That said, I can see how the popup at the end could be annoying. It should probably just be a message to the action's output.

We do not see any issue when we schedule but we have many apps (automation package) that people run by request and its kind of annoying for people to keep on pressing ok and we might miss real errors due to this . If there is any trick to eliminate this pop up that would be very helpful.

Sorry there is no way to prevent that.

I can add it as an enhancement for 17.1.