Oracle 11gR2 64 bit

It’s been a while since I’ve had TOAD/Oracle issues - other issues I have

I’m attempting to do an 11GR2 install on a Windows 7 Ultimate machine running an
i7 chipset.

So far:
Installed 64 bit Server ( I thought).
Installed 64 bit Client to the same directory.
Installed 64 bit client to another directory
Installed, and many times uninstalled TOAD 10. ALthough it seemed to “see” the
client in the drop down box, it did not wish to connect - said it couldnt run
the oci

The questions:
Do I install the Server or Desktop (I dont recall having this choice before)?
For TOAD, can I install the 64 bit client ?

Any ideas/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Not much brown hair left on my
head to begin with and this isnt helping.
Thanks folks.

For TOAD, you have to have the 32 bit client installed. That should take care of
your problems. J

so the 32 bit client will work with the 64bit Oracle?

Yes. It will run just fine this way.

(And you’re not alone in installing the wrong client for TOAD. This is
actually a question that gets asked here fairly often. J )