Installing 64-bit issue

I am having issues with installing Toad for Oracle using the 64-bit installation. We are able to install the 64-bit driver however when we actually install the application, it doesn't seem to find the 64-bit version. The 32-bit version works fine but we are having difficulty with the 64-bit.

Any advice would help.

"driver" - Are you trying to use ODBC or are you installing a 64-bit Oracle client, full client or instant? Toad uses OCI only.

If you've installed 64-bit client can you connect through it by using SQL*Plus?

Hi mstaszew,

We have the 64-bit installed on my laptop. However when we are installing the application and it checks the system requirements, it seems to to find the driver. We have tried it twice. For the 32-bit it works fine.

Please advise?

I mean that it does not find the driver for the 64-bit

By "Driver", we assume you mean "Oracle Client", which you can download here: Database Software Downloads | Oracle
Look for " Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Client ( for Microsoft Windows (x64)". Other versions are fine if you don't want 12cR2.

If you already have the correct Oracle client installed, this may help: