Oracle 12c alert logs not accessible from TOAD, Oracle 11g alert logs are fine!

Hi All,

We are using TOAD for Oracle(12.1) - it works fine while accessing our 11g database alert logs but when we try to access any Oracle 12c database alert log, it throws UTL_FILE failed with ora-29283 error!

Any help in fixing it will be appreciated.


That’s a pretty old version of Toad, which came out before Oracle 12c. Try pulling a trial version. See if it’s fixed there. If it is still broken there, let me know.

Hello...I am using Toad Version 13.2 and still getting ora-29283 error. I am running against 19c Database. Can toad can be used to check xml based alert log file?


Toad can read alert logs up to 21c, but only the plain text version of the alert log.

Toad (either yours or someone else's) should have created a directory called TOAD_BDUMP_DIR. Make sure this directory exists, points to the folder with the plain text alert log file, and that you have the READ privilege on this directory.