Oracle connection - change DB password

I'm requiring users of an Oracle data warehouse to change passwords every 90 days, preferably without using the SQL "alter user...". command. TOAD has a simple "Change Password" option in the Session menu. There is a "Change Password" option in the TDP connection dialog box, but it's greyed out. How do I allow TDP users to change passwords without SQL?

Note - the user has a direct connection to the database, not using Oracle client. Not sure if that makes a difference.

Welcome to the TDP forum.

Depending on the connection type and method, the right-click on the connectors may or may not include a "Change Password" option.

However, users should always be able to modify the credentials of any connector by going to the Connector Properties and changing the password there. Doesn't matter if TNS or Direct method is used (Oracle connection presumed). See snap below, and hope this helps.

I understand that a new password may be saved in the connection properties, but that assumes that a new password has been created/assigned to the user. I'm specifically looking for a solution to the "may or may not include a Change Password option". I want the user to initiate the password change in the database, so they need to have that option activated. I would hope that it works the way it works in regular TOAD.