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How do I change user password in a saved dcp comare file?

Hi All,

How do I change user password in a saved dcp comare file? I have recently changed my user password to our Oracle DB. Now I need to change it in the saved DCP projects.


User passwords are not saved in the DCP files. Only the connection alias is saved. Just change your password in the connection manager and save.


Hi Debbie,

Thanks, but I have changed my connection password. I am still getting the error:

ORA-01017 Invalid username/password; logon denied.

I am able to connect and create new compares, but I am not able to used saved ones. :frowning:


Mnnn…looks lik you are correct. The password seems to be in the file somewhere and the file is binary. I entered CR91672 to fix. But let me check with the team to see if there is a way to edit the file manually.


Yes DC stores its own connect info, yes you can edit any data.

Open project, open Change Comparison wizard, change all you want (connection, password, objects to compare…), save the dcp project once again.


Alexander Maximov


Thanks for the confirmation. I am not able to change anything in the project after I get the error. The change wizard is grayed out. I am not able to select it.


We are consulting with the Data Compare team and will let you know what they say.


I recieved this email from data compare developer.

“Currently there is no possibility to change password in Data Compare file, so customer should create new comparison. In future versions of Data Compare we plan to use Toad connections to eliminate such problems.”


OK, Thanks Debbie.

Hi all,

Here we are three years later and I still am having a problem with this. I have upgarded to Data Point 3.6 and it is still an issue. Any Help? I have painfull been living with this problem by recreating compares.

Well, I hate to say I can’t come up with any good excuses. All I can do is handle it for the TDP 3.7 release. I have located the original request - QAT -548 and have marked it as a show stopper for this next release. Saying sorry, just won’t cut it in this case.

Hi Debbie, that is cool. It has been a thorn for a while. I would love to see this fixed! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

Hello !

I ran into the same issue today as my password got reset over the xmas holidays… Currently running Data Point 3.6. I believe 4.1 is available. Wondering if issue is resolved in current release, can I edit passwords & connection details prior to running the compare ? Can I open / import a Toad 3.6 DCP file ?

Thanks for your help.

My records show this was fixed in Feb of 2015. If data compare cannot connect it will prompt for connection

Hi Debbie,

Just saw your reply. Thanks for the update.

I upgraded to last night and was able to open the original .dcp file created in TDP 3.6 … and change the connexion settings (target db password).

The problem I am facing now, is that the comparison metadata seems to be all gone or not readable in 4.2.1.

Once the wizzard was able to connect and load dictionaries on both sides (extract schema objects), I got an empty compare wizzard screen saying “0 of 0 objects will be compared” at the bottom…so nothing to compare" .

I then hit the refresh icon (top left) and after some time, am presented with the full list of tables and views…(Great!)… but tables / views and key mappings are all gone and I have to remap objects all over.

What shoud I do ?

Thanks !

Best wishes for 2018

Hi Markus24,

I follow your steps first upgrade to TDP then open file created by TDP 3.6, after that an error "“Exception occurred in other process”"come out before let you enter new password in target datasource, if you continue to finish the compare wizard, there is no problem to show original data.

it’s obvious that TDP has something wrong to process data but i would like to check if it’s related with your error as I was not able to replicate it.

  • when you open file, is there a dialog to ask you “Object will now be loaded. Do you want to start comparing immediately?” how do you chose? is there any difference between these two options?
  • Have you ever seen this error “Exception occurred in other process”?


Hi Cindy !

Thanks for your reply.

Step by step :

a) Start Toad DP 4.2.1

b) Open file … comparison_saved_from_3.6.1.dcp

c) pop-up : Objects will now be loaded. Do you want to start comparing immediately ?

d) click “YES” button or “NO” button seem to have same effect/behaviour

e) pop-up : LDAP authentication failed for user “me”

f) click OK

g) dialog : Change Comparison Wizzard

h) select valid / different Target server name (from drop down list of defined connections)

i) click “Next >” button

j) … “extracting schema objects” … (works for a few minutes)

k) empty dialog “0 of 0 objects will be compared.”

When I get to H), the target server name maps to an non-existant connection ( i have to choose a valid one)… Could that be related to my issue ?

Thanks !

Hi Markus24,

Thanks for your detailed information, it’s very helpful! Seems you are using LDAP authentication, which might be the reason we was not able to replicate your error as we use tns. I need some time to do investigating and keep you informed asap.



Much appreciated.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance / need to test something or send you files I am working with.

Thanks again Cindy.