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Oracle F4 Too Slow, makes the product unusable

I use F4 to get Object Details for Oracle tables all the time. Even for the smallest table(5 columns, 20 rows) from F4 press to table coming up can take 30 seconds to more than a minute. I know that once it caches it is faster but that only lasts for the current session, which means every day I am waiting for this process to re-cache. Toad for Oracle is soooo much faster but the features in Data Point are very valuable. Is there anything that can be done about this...Also, don't get me started on waiting for tables in a schema to show up in the Object Explorer.

Hi, I tried it on my TDP 5.1.4 and it only took a couple of seconds each time.
This will depend on your database relations mostly. When you check Tools | Execution Trace | To Output and then right-click the output and check Text Output you can see what exactly Toad queries.