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Oracle SQL Error Trapping

This may be something I missed in the user documentation, but I can't seem to find how to expand the error trapping in the SQL Editor. I am connecting to an Oracle database and in other tools when I get an "ORA-" type error I am presented with the line and column where the error was found in the SQL code. In Toad Data Point I see the ORA error code, but I am not presented with any information on where in my SQL code the error is at. Is there a setting somewhere that will activate expanded error trapping to see this information? Or maybe just a functionality I am not seeing?

Any help is appreciated, Thanks.

We have two types of error locating. The first comes from our parser. As you type or open a SQL file we perform syntax checking. If we find an issue we mark the line with a red icon and a squiggle under the location.
When executed, Oracle will also provide error location. See this example of both.

here is the option you should have on for this.

Thank you. I will take a look and see if changing that setting will get me what I need. If not, I will post a screenshot of what I am seeing to give an example.

Debbie, here are some screenshots showing the issue. In this case I purposely excluded a column from a Group By statement to demonstrate the issue.

Toad Data Point:

Here is the missing column



As you can see nowhere in the error trapping does it call out which Line/Column where the error is coming from. I am only presented with the Oracle error message. The last screenshot shows the Parser did not pick up on this either and there is not a red-X showing the error in the code. The error is generated when I try to run the SQL. I did verify I have the Tools option you gave activated.

When the same SQL is dropped into Oracle SQL Developer and I try to run I get an error like this:


As you can see in this case I am presented not only with the Oracle error, but the Line/Column position in the SQL code.

I just wanted to see if this is something that can possibly be considered for an enhancement for the SQL Editor or if there is something I am still missing.

Thanks again for your assistance. :smiley:

I see that Toad for Oracle gives you the line number (not column). We should be able to do the same so I entered TMB-1310 for this

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