SQL Editor go to line where error is

I have a query that misspelled the field. So during execution, I get an error of course in the "Messages" tab in Results. Now the question is. Can I set Toad to go line of the misspelled field?
Why can't the Toad put the cursor where misspelled field is as it does know the the field name?


what version of Toad and provider are you use? I tested it with my TDP 5.0 and Oracle provider. When I have incorrect syntax or if I use the wrong field name it will show me message/dialog and put the cursor at the beginning of my bad field.

Filip, I requested something similar under: Oracle SQL Error Trapping

It would be great to have Messages tab display the line and column reference in the SQL code to more easily determine where an error occurs. I know in most cases if I double-click on the error message it will bring me to where the error has occurred. In some cases though it brings me to the very start of my query and not to where the error in processing occurred.