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now that Embarcadero have released Rad Studio Xe2, I was just wondering if you might consider releasing an osX version of Sql Navigator.

I may be mistaken, but I beleive that Sql Navigator is written in Delphi.

From the product blurb:
“With RAD Studio XE2, you can write an application once in Delphi and compile it for Windows and Mac and build applications for iOS. C++Builder applications can be compiled for Windows and Mac and with RadPHP you can easily build applications for the Web. RAD Studio XE2 applications are compiled into simple and efficient executables that areeasy to distribute and deploy.”

See the following link for more information on XE2:

Hi Tony,

Thank you for the question. True, SQL Navigator is written in Delphi, and the newest Delphi supports writing applications for both Windows and OSX. Unfortunately, moving to OSX requires a complete rewrite of the GUI using a new graphic library, FireMonkey, which we can’t afford doing at this time. Only the theoretic possibility remains that this will ever be done.


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Thanks for the reply Roman,
I understand.

It was just a hopeful shot in the dark as SqlNav now is the last program for which I require windows.
Here’s hoping that the theoretic possibility becomes a reality in the years to come.


As Roman said, we don’t have plans to port SQL Navigator to Mac at the moment. However… we are working on a tool called “Toad Extension for Eclipse” which runs on Mac (et al) and provides connectivity to Oracle and PostgreSQL today with support for MySQL and several NoSQL databases very soon. There’s a lot of activity on this tool currently and we will be doing a lot more with Mac there.

And it’s free. :slight_smile:

Let us know what you think!