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Toad for Linux - native?


Hi, I’m wondering if there is a Linux version of toad, because I’m actually running with wine emulator, but would be very faster and reliable to have a native version of this spectacular database tool



Nope - I’ve blogged on Toad World several times about this - Toad is written in Delphi and some portions C# - with thrid party components too. They are all tied to Windows - no plans to do otherwise.


I also hope a Mac version, especially Toad Data Modeler.


There is a native Mac version available. See the Toad for Mac community for more info -…/toad-mac-edition


Thanks Gregory. Unfortunately Toad for Mac is not a data modeler (ERD). I wish Toad Data Modeler for Mac available or at least a Wine compatible version.


You may want to post something to the Toad Data Modeler forum (…/30). . ) It’s a different team from the Toad for Oracle group.

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Thanks Gregory. Unfortunately Toad for Mac is not a data modeler (ERD). I’m wish Toad Data Modeler for Mac or at least Wine compatible version.

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