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Package Body missing from "Compare Schemas" feature in Toad for Oracle


I recently updated to, and noticed that when I do a schema compare, it no longer shows or picks up differences in Package Bodies between schemas, and seems to only be looking for differences in Package Specs when “Packages” is selected. I’ve found that it still gives package bodies as an option when I do “Compare Multiple Schemas”. Am I missing something, is this a bug, or has this capability simply been removed?

Thank you,


Hi Tim,

That sounds like a bug to me. I’ll take a look.

This has been fixed for our next beta. As a workaround you can enable the old Compare Schemas window which doesn't have the issue. Right-click on Toad's main toolbar > Customize > Commands (tab) > Compare > Drag and drop "Schemas - Legacy" to your desired location in the menus. Clicking on the gif below will give you an overview of the steps.

Has Compare Schemas been corrected to include package bodies again in TOAD 12.12? When will this be corrected for general release (not beta)?

This was fixed for 12.12, which is now in general release. See Mike Hamer’s reply (above) on how to work around it for 12.11.