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The reporting system(JASPER) i am developing my SQL for uses $P{parameter name} for Input. is there some way to make TDA see them and prompt me for a value? right now i have to go in an find replace all of them as i get a ODBC error even if they are commented out “–$P{Begin date}”


For name parameters use a colon followed by parameter name.

select * from jane1
where c1 = :a
or c1 = :b

Or you can use a question mark for positional parameters.

select * from jane1
where c1 = ?
or c1 = ?



I understand how to use the : and ? , what i was hoping is that there was some way to create my code where i would not have to keep doing find replace every time i want to test the code in TDA. I was hoping that the “application code” section in the options/editor was a way to have TDA recognize jasper’s form of parameters

Jasper code using your example would be

select * from jane1
where c1 = $P{a}
or c1 = $P{b}


Sorry, I didn’t understand. Unfortunately there isn’t a specific feature for that. You might try using the macro record feature to help speed up the find and replace actions.