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Partitions not displaying in partition tab

Describe table wont show partitions for partitioned tables since upgrading Oracle from 12.1 to 12.2. I tried a few, same problem.

Oracle 12.2

I have a cloned version of this database where the partitions will display, the only difference between the databases is compatibility is set to 12.2 on the clone, its set to 12.1 on the one where its not showing. I cant change that though, I guess its a bug, is it known about and is there a workaround?

Is there any error? Turn on spool SQL to capture the SQL that Toad runs when you go to the partitions tab.

Main menu -> Database -> Spool SQL.

Post the SQL and any errors here.

no errors, can see the SQL spooling

select partitioning_type, subpartitioning_type
, interval
, interval_subpartition, autolist, autolist_subpartition
, ref_ptn_constraint_name
where owner = :own
and table_name = :Tablename

and then the binds for those which when I apply to the query return the data as Id expect

issue repeats on other PC

Well then it sounds like an Oracle problem. Try running that SQL in the editor using either the correct bind values or swapping them out for literals.

that was my point I did and data returns, SQL developer displays the partitions ok

Can you post the result of the query? If you don't want to show it here, export it to excel and email it to me.

sure, will mail now