When in a Describe window, clicking on Partitions Tab generates error

After closing the error the partitions are displayed.

The error is:Access violation at address 0000000008EBC60E in module 'Toad.exe'. Read of address 0000001211266322.

Is repeatable.

Full error report available if needed.


Brad Clark

Hi Brad,

Please send full error report (specifically the call stack). I can't reproduce this.

Edit: actually, nevermind. I see it in the 64 bit build


I installed the new Beta after installing the 16.0 base just now and am not able to reproduce the error. Tried several times just now on different tables...

That's ok, I see what's going on. There is an uninitialized variable in there. It might be intermittent, but it will only happen for subpartitioned tables, and you can work around it by changing "Display" to "Subpartitions".

Okay I see,
Yes, Okay, it is still present, but only tables with subpartitions it seems. I know its coming when there is hesitation in the display. It's only when attempting to display BOTH partitions and subpartitions, otherwise it seems to be okay. Thanks!