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Pass a password to TOAD for SQL Server


I’m new to TOAD so be gentle. I have an Access Database from which I’d like to open an instance of TOAD. I’ve opened the instance without any trouble with

Call Shell(mypath, vbNormalFocus)

My issue is I cannot figure out how to insert the password into Connections dialog box and execute the connection. For security reasons I’m not comfortable with saving the password in TOAD and then opening the instance.

My ultimate goal is to determine if I can manipulate TOAD from Access. I’m having issues connecting Access to the back end server and am looking for a workaround (i.e. run access, call Toad, execute save queries, feed the data back to access). Alas.[+o(]

Hi MikeCJ,

Toad TSS doesn’t support use command line or shell script to do connections without UI

so you can lauch Toad from stand command line, but no other way to pass parameter