Save password via command line

When connecting to toad I save my passwords via the "Save passwords" option in the login windows.

We have internal policies to reset passwords regulary via a procedure outside of Toad, but the passwords are accessible in a secure store.

Does toad have an option to sync the new passwords? I already tried to start toad via:
toad -c "someconnectstringwithnewpassword"

This start toad with the new password, but the password is not save in the toad config file.

Hi Christopher,

Seems like that should work. I'll log it as a bug.

I don't know of any way to update them by command line. Only by logging in using the GUI.


Hi Christopher,

I just tested this using Toad 17.0 and it worked ok for me. The steps I followed were:

  1. Log in to database with Toad 17.0 as user jdorlon/jdorlon
  2. Close Toad
  3. Log in to same database using SQLPlus and change jdorlon's password to jd
  4. Start Toad 17.0 from command line with: Toad.exe -c jdorlon/jd@database
  5. Close Toad 17.0
  6. Start Toad 17.0 (no command line) and saved password has been saved

hi John

I installed Toad 17.0.353.2906 and re-tested, it works, thanks!

I did not re-test on 16.3