Pasting Excel data in Data Point editor

Is there a way to do this, I don't know what keywords to use to search help? When i am copy a list of cells (eg A1-D1) from Excel and paste them into the Toad Data Point editor the are pasted on separate lines. Can I have them automatically paste on one line? I know how to transform them in Excel to a single row but its a few steps.

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Simple answer, no, there is no direct way to accomplish multiple lines of paste to a single line in TDP's Editor. Most users want any pasted lines from Excel (or other sources) as is (multiple) anyway.

However, you might find it takes fewer clicks in TDP's Editor vs. Excel when consolidating multiple lines into one. Use Ctl-F in TDP's Editor to bring up the Find/Replace panel, then replace new lines (\n) with any character/s of your choice.

Quick video below shows me pasting multiple lines from Excel into the Editor, replacing newline characters (use Regular Expression mode) with semi-colons. Hope this helps!


Darn that’s nifty. Thank you so much!

Happy to help a fellow user!