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Persistent Bookmarks

Please add the ability for bookmarks to persist in a saved document. Currently, in the editor, you can add the bookmarks through Ctrl+Shift+# and access through Ctrl+#, but when a session ends so does the bookmark. When you restart a session the bookmark is no longer available. This feature would be really nice especially when working with longer documented code.

Hi Spencer,
Thank you for your idea. We opened up a request QAT-15118, we do not know when this will be implemented.

Thank you Dan! If I can help with anything let me know. I would be happy to participate in use case/user story collection. Again, thank you!

I know bookmarks are specific to a user assigning a bookmark. But I think to save them we would need to have same way to save them in the file, which would not work for simple SQL files.
As a short term work around have you looked at the script map? When you click the refresh it parses the script and creates a link to all SQL/sections of a file. Here you can click on a specific section and navigate to that part of the file. This might work as a work around for now instead of using bookmarks.

Thank you Debbie,

I was not familiar with the script maps. Thank you for pointing them out.

However, I do not think that they will fulfill what I am looking for. We have several statements that are several hundred lines long. A single script could have several of these statements. Our purpose was to create an index. in the beginning our SQL files to allow others to read the file and have quick references to likely places that they may need to change/ update. I don't think the script map gives enough information to differentiate our scripts and in some cases I think it is a more confusing than helpful way to navigate. I will read further on the script map and see if I am misunderstanding.

Thank you for your suggestion though.