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Persisting information in both directions

I have a SQL Server 2012 database and have created a new project. To this project I have added a new (SQL 2012) model.

I have then added a new model and pulled in a connection using the Connections item on the File menu. This then gives me a lovely ER diagram that I can manipulate to my heart’s content.

Now comes the part that should be easy but apparently isn’t. I’d be looking for something at this stage for a button or menu item that says something like “Persist changes to source database” but there’s nothing to be found except the Sync and Convert wizard.

The help file (unhelpfully!) says " Compare the models and generate Alter Scripts in Toad Data Modeler…"

Try as I might I cannot see an option to compare the models - can I get some help here please?


the Sync & Convert Wizard is what you can use to generate change scripts. The output will be SQL code and you must use another tool to run the generated SQL code.





Many thanks for your reply! One issue still persists though. I didn’t point out that I was using the freeware edition and as such cannot do the alter scripts.

Any advice to get past this?

  • Derek

Hi Derek,

I can give you no better answer than “Purchase the commercial version” :slight_smile:


Not what I wanted to hear but thank you nonetheless! I would have thought that the persisting of information back to the DBMS would be basic functionality

Aside from anything else the process seems unnecessarily complex and convoluted. Look at the schema comparisons feature in VS 2010 for an example of simple it can be. Now if only VS had Toad’s awesome diagramming capabilities :wink: