Sync & Convert Wizard left vs. right side

I’m a little bit confused about which model should be model 1 (left side) and model 2 (right side). I’d expect the newer model on the right side to generate an alter script for converting model 1 to model 2, but it’s the other way round.
During alter report generation this seems to be inverted, there the newer model needs to be on the right side, what is what I’d expect.


Seems to be resolved in the new Beta!


Sorry, it’s not solved.


Not solved.

Hello Andreas,

Let me explain.
Left Side = updated model, newer model
Right Side = old model, model that you want to update.
During model merge, it is the model that you want to update, model where you want to apply the changes from Left Side model. (Default direction is Left -> Right)
During alter script generation, it is the model for which you want to generate the changes. You may have noticed that on page Right Model (for alter script generation only) there is the option Reverse Engineering Alias. It allows you to connect to the database directly. (In previous version, you had to reverse your database first to create a new physical model and then compare the two physical models. Now it is not necessary.) When to use it: Let’s say you updated model in TDM and now need to connect to database, compare the differences and generate alter script to synchronize the model and database. The updated model is Left Side model (you open the Sync & Convert Wizard from it) and on the Right Side page you can connect to the db directly now.

So, let me say again:
Left Side = updated, newer, modified model
Right Side = old model, model that you want to update/generate alter script for.

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.



Another way to say this that helps me to keep it straight - source and target. Source = left. Target = right. In other words on left (source) are things I’m trying to move to the right (target).

Just my dumb way to try to remember :slight_smile:

Yes, perfect - short and clear.
Thanks Bert!



You wrote:

“You may have noticed that on page Right Model (for alter script generation only) there is the option Reverse Engineering Alias. It allows you to connect to the database directly.”

TDM Ver … I’m not seeing the Reverse Engineering Alias option.

Through Connectons I have an Alias defined for my Oracle 10g database.

I start the Sync & Convert Wizard. Choose Generate Alter Script. Select my open PER as the Left Side. Click Next and only see Available Model and Model File as selections for Select Right Side. I don’t see the Reverse Engineering Alias anywhere on this page.



Hello Brian,

You’re right, it is not available in v. 3.4.16. It is a new feature in Beta (we were talking about Beta with Andreas). Sorry for the confusion.

So, please check it out in the latest Beta. Thanks.



A related issue with the left side/right side.

If both models came from the version manager, they appear in the TDM with the same name. For example, if the model is named COP, then 2 different versions of it can be opened. The tab showing them appear like this:


If I want to compare these for the diffs and generate an alter script, I open the Sync & Convert Wizard. The available model dropdown for the left side shows all open models. The problem is that the 2 models shown above both appear in the dropdown as COP. Thus I can’t tell which one to select. Can this be fixed?

What I have been doing as a workaround is to rename one of them in the Physical Model Explorer so I can distinguish between them in the Sync & Convert Wizard.



Hi Morgan,

This problem was already fixed in Beta.
(Beta - Sync & Convert Wizard displays version number (Left Model, Right Model) of models opened from Version Manager. - 67 031)

The fix will be available in next full TDM version.