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personal saved scripts

I updated to Toad for Oracle 10.6 and my personal saved scripts (view, SQL
Command Recall Named) were not imported. How can I get them to imported, so I
don’t have to key them in one by one.



When you ran 10.6 for the first time, where you asked if you wanted to copy
settings over from another Toad installation? If you took this route, your SQL
Recall would’ve been copied over.

Which version of Toad do you want to import your settings from?

Yes, I did select that option but it didn’t happen. On my other PC it
worked fine. I went from to 10.6. Those scripts must be stored somewhere
but we can’t find them.

The file you’re looking for is called “SavedSQL.dat” and it can be found in your
app data folder

Go to options > general and open the path under “application data directory”

Sorry, it’s in the “user files” folder under your application data

Thanks that fixed it!


Since this is such a frequent request, along with importing/exporting connection
information, we have added import/export functionality right in the GUI in Toad
11 (now available) in the login window and SQL Recall.

Good to know, we have tried many times to find them we when have lost