Picklist Dropdown freezes in endless loop

Thanks @kuvich123.

@Kuvick123 or @urban.tamas - If you run a long running query in the Editor using F9 and cancel it, does it cancel or does Toad hang or does it cancel in a timely manner? Using F9 is key here so if you normally run queries using Execute as Script (F5) then please try using F9 and cancelling. If you have the "Execute queries in threads" option checked (Oracle | Transactions page in Options) you can just hit ESC immediately to cancel. Toad will be responsive to mouse/keyboard clicks, but the Cancel button remains enabled and the green throbber at the right of Toad's status bar remains active. If the "Execute queries in threads" option is unchecked you can click Cancel on the progress dialog that shows and if Toad hangs the dialog never goes away and the timer continuously increments.

I spent some time last week and today trying to get to the bottom of this hang and what I'm seeing is that it's very specific to one of my databases using only a 19c or newer client. Coincidentally I cannot cancel a running query on this database using the same client combination. When Code Insight hangs for me it's after it has been cancelled once. This doesn't mean I have to explicitly cancel it, but just in writing the query it may run/cancel on its own. I can force the issue by using CTRL+T, clicking the cancel button, and then CTRL+T again.

Hello Michael,

I've tried recreating the issue you described, but was unable to do so in an freshly opened instance of Toad.

I am however familiar with something similar: it happens regularly (not often but a 3-4x a week) to me when doing some analysis on production, running some queries and then sometimes when I want to cancel a long running query, the cancel doesn't succeed and I need to use the kill session button. Not sure though if this is related to this bug or a normal use case?

@Kuvick123 / @urban.tamas - @JohnDorlon identified several changes that not only improve performance, but also eliminates the hang I was able to reproduce. On some databases the performance gains may be significant. I have a local XE db I do most of my base development against and the old and new code aren't even comparable. I went from multi-second load times down to ~200 ms using the same options. The change will be in Toad 15.1 and in next week's beta.

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@mstaszew did all the heavy lifting here. I just tossed him an idea and wrote a query.

We're both pretty excited about the change though.

Hello guys!

Wow, cool! Thank you for all the effort you guys put in, I am really looking forward to the next Beta! :smiley: