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Code insight freeze toad immediately

I know you tried to fix this issue, but could not find the original thread.

When I hit "." after table name, with "join suggestions" turned on, toad immediately freezes with no arrow glass.

Toad for Oracle

If I can give you more info, please ask

Hi @marc_109 - Are you using 32 or 64-bit Toad? Also, what are the versions of your client and your database? Finally, enable "Freeze detection" and reproduce the issue. An error dialog should popup after 15 secs and from there you can get the call stack. Send the call stack, thanks.

To enable freeze detection...

  1. Go to Help > About
  2. Type "freeze"
  3. Check the checkbox, leave the default 15 secs, and click OK

64 bit

Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release
Oracle Client 19.0.0
file.txt (81.0 KB)

I think you might be hitting the same hang I was able to reproduce before. I am not able to reproduce it anymore with the recent changes, but the underlying cause is still there. It was just that refactoring and speed increases made it impossible for me to get into that scenario.

My hang was specifically in response to breaking current SQL execution and then waiting for it to complete. It also was only reproducible on my 11.2 database using a 19c or 21c client. Using a 12c or 18c client was OK. I don't know if this is a problem with the component we use for Oracle connectivity or if there is something incompatible with that client/db combo. I looked at the compatibility matrix in My Oracle Support (metalink) and didn't see any notes about it.

Please try using an 18c client and see if it behaves OK. You can also see the first paragraph in this post and try to do those steps as well. In my case I was able to reproduce the hang when trying to cancel a running query in the Editor when running using F9.

I just ran some more tests against 10g, 11g, and 12c databases we have in Azure using 19c and 21c client and was unable to reproduce the hang. My problematic database is a local 11.2 XE installed on Ubuntu 12.04. I do not understand yet what differs with that database, but I'm curious to see if a downgraded client resolves it for you, too.