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pop-up with suggested column names takes forever and freezes Toad session


I’m currently on Toad

In a large query with dozens of tables involved, when the suggested-names pop-up decides to take action, it takes forever and freezes my Toad session.

I’ve already set the delay to the max, and usually, after typing a table alias and a dot, I type a space to prevent the pop-up from popping up.

That said, it still (occasionally) happens that the pop-up comes up. Populating the list used to take a few minutes, but now it freezes the whole session.

So, I have two problems:

  1. populating the list used to take a long time
  2. it now takes forever, freezing my session.

For the first issue, would it be feasible to have the pop-up decide to do nothing if population fails to complete within a few seconds? That still leaves the user (me, in this case) to use ctrl-T when the delay of populating the pop-up is worth while.

For the second issue, if you need any additional info, please let me know.

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

I just upgraded to and retried.

The spontaneous pop-up took a long time (I did not measure), but did complete.

I must add, this time I made sure not to hit Escape, or any other key.
When the problem occurred, I did hit Escape multiple times.
Could it be that these keying events ended the pop-up thread in a limbo status?

Kind regards,

Is this only on a certain database or with certain tables? Is there a reproducible SQL you can send? It’s possible that one of the threads hung. When the thread is terminated in some cases Toad waits for it. If the thread doesn’t return then the wait will never stop. I see one thing I can clean up, I’ll log, but I don’t think it is responsible for the hang. You should turn off the “Enable Code Insight pick list” option in on the Editor|Code Assist page in Options. This poorly named option enabled automatic showing of the popup. If unchecked you can still bring it up manually with CTRL+T.

I have the same issue. It seems to happen for CTE’s or “with as”, it wants to run the code up to that point to get the field result set back. So depending on how long the query takes it could take a long time. Otherwise, it runs quickly when going directly from a table.

For me, I think an option not to Pick List a CTE would be good.