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Pivot Grid - How to Sort by Data Area values


I have a simple pivot table (in the Query Builder area, not an independent Pivot Grid tab). How can I sort on the data values? I see that I can sort on the rows or columns by clicking on those, but how to sort on the count of or sum of something?

Example, how to sort on the “Count of Line”?


Hello InfoMan,

We do not support this feature currently.



We do plan to support this in the future and this enhancement is entered as QAT-12112


It appears that this is available in version 5.0, but it only sorts ascending. It would be nice to also be able to sort descending.


let me look into this.


I think that I see how this can work ascending or descending.

  1. Create a pivot table with a field in the Row Area and in the Data Area.
  2. Right-click the header of the desired field in the Data Area, select Sort By…the Pivot is now sorting on that field ASCENDING.
  3. Click the header of the field in the Row Area. This will cause the Pivot to sort DESCENDING based on the field in the Data Area earlier.


I had this on my list to verify today. but you got it.