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Pivot Subtotals Missing

Running TDP workbook 5.05.61, ran into an issue with missing subtotals:

Let me have someone look into this.

Hi Steve,

We don't support subtotal Rows/Column combination (subtotal of subtotal). In your example it could make sense but this is not common situation and in other cases it would be really confusing.

As you can see on my example - there should be 2 values = 40 or 45.

Hi Filip, in your example the subtotal should be 40. The 5 from TEXT value 1 would not be included:

Any updates on this issue? Populating the missing subtotals seems straightforward to me, can't think of any situation where it would be confusing.

Yes, QAT-14989 is created to support calculation for subtotals.

Do you have an estimate date when this issue will be corrected?

It is still in the queue to be reviewed and schedule. I will give it a "nudge" :running_man:

Hi @steve.robinson,
unfortunately we will not be able to implement this enhancement because the component we use cannot support it.