TDP Workbook Pivot Export to Excel

Running TDP Workbook When I export a pivot to Excel that has multiple fields in the column area, the column values get concatenated into a single combined value instead of each column value on a separate row in Excel. Below is a screen shot of the pivot and the pivot exported to Excel. In this example there are 3 fields in the column area: DIV, ACCT_ID and ACCT_NAME. In the Excel export all 3 column value as shown on row 1 of the spreadsheet, instead of DIV on row 1, ACCT_ID on row2 and ACCT_NAME on row 3. So in cell D1 the value is "1.01_10-135-126_Due to/from Telos/TIMS" which is a combination of 3 fields instead of showing them separately in on different rows. I tested this in standard TPD and the Excel export does show the column values on separate rows.

This looks like you are exporting pivot as table. In this situation we flatten the columns. Use the Export as Pivot Table option to get exporting of pivot table and not just summary data.

Debbie, I tried using the Pivot Excel report and that seems to work as far as showing the different column values on separate rows.

However the TDP pivot and Excel pivot have some differences (see screen shot below):

The TDP pivot row area has a field PROJ_GROUP field which is not in the Excel pivot table row area

The TDP pivot column area has a DIV field which is not in the Excel pivot table column area

The TDP pivot and the Excel pivot table both have SUM subtotal rows. The Excel pivot table also has COUNT subtotal rows and COUNT subtotal columns
(e.g., columns C and E below). Not sure why these are showing up since they aren’t in the TDP pivot.


Hi Steve,
on 1 and 2 can you open a support request and send us your pivot data with it so we can test it? For 3 it looks like you might want to ask Microsoft about it:-)