Placing components on automation script window issues/odd behavior

Using Toad Data Point (64 bit).

When adding components to the automation window, items placed jump above or below the intended point, especially when placing after an If..Condition.

For example I have a two branch If condition that has a couple of scripts. I need to place another execute script after this branch. When I drag the Execute script item and hover it over the intended green + (even seeing the little bold SelectDataActivity text) and release the mouse button, the component is place just above this branch, or below somewhere else.

Am I missing something here?

I am able to reproduce this effect.

Until Dev takes note and documents the fix for a future release, try simply clicking the automation task (within the toolbox) to get it on the palette (not drag and drop) and if the task doesn't sit in the correct place, you can attempt to drag and drop it in the desired location. You may need to click the task twice to get it to appear after the If-Then block, and delete the first-clicked task, which likely appears within one of the If-Then branches.

Also, i've had success at clicking on the desired line segment where you want the automation task to go, and clicking on the task to stick it there.

A work-around hack, but let me know if this helps.

Thanks Gary. I did accidentally discover double-clicking the task item and it is placed in the last position. The issue I'm having is pretty much specifically with placing a task right after an If..Condition. If I place it at the position just after the if block, it attaches to just before it. If I then drag the if block to the position between itself and the new task, they flip and go into the correct order. It's weird, but I'm working around it. If I can figure out a way to record my screen, I'll see if I can show you what's happening.

Sounds good... the recording will help the Dev and Support teams to troubleshoot the issue better.

Hi JP, thanks for reporting. I've opened up TMB-2456 to have this fixed.