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Scheduled Tasks


I have 7 tasks that all work correctly in Toad for Data Analysts.
The last step in the Automation Script for task #1 is to call task #2 using the “Run Automation Script”.
The last step in the Automation Script for task #2 is to call task #3.
And so on until task #7, this does not call any other tasks.
When I “Test” task #1, all 7 tasks run correctly.
However, as a scheduled task, task #1 runs successfully, but never calls task #2.
I also tried to execute task #1 in the “Task List” and it runs successfully without calling task #2. Can “Run Automation Script” to be used to call another task?
What am I missing here?


This is a known bug. It is CR 104152 and is fixed, It will be in our next Beta posting. Probably two weeks from now.



Thank you for the information.

I am running Toad for Data Analysts and Toad for Oracle 10.6

Will a patch be made available for that version?


Actually no. The patch will be for TDP 3.3. If you are using Toad Data Analysts by way of Toad for Oracle key then you will not get fix. We no longer do fixes for Toad Data Analysts. But you are welcome to use our Beta to check out new features.



Is there another method I might use to call a second Automation Task?


Yes. You could use the Run command. Use the same command line that scheduling uses. Toad.exe -batch path to tas file



Thank you