Policies do not generate with Generate Schema Script

Using 12.12 32-bit against 12.2 RDBMS. Tables with policies do not produce the policy directory or files when the “Create Individual Object DDL Files” is selected. Toad 12.11 will generate them in the SQL script and includes the subdirectory and *.pol files.

Thanks. This is fixed in the current Toad 13 beta.

Did this get unfixed in the final? They are not generating for me.

I just tested it and it is working here. Can you send me your Generate Schema Script action? If you just went into the window and not the automatiion designer, it will be the most recent one in the automation designer’s Action Recall node. You can copy and paste it out of there. send to john.dorlon@quest.com. Thanks.

Incase anyone else is interested…

After some offline conversations with Chuck, we discovered that the bug (policies being excluded) happens when both of these are true:

  1. All of your policies are not grouped.

  2. You set up Generate Schema Script to extract both policies and policy groups

It will be fixed in the next beta.