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Where are Policies in Schema Browser

I have recently installed Toad 12.5. I can no longer find the Policies tab in the Schema Browser. I right-clicked Configure and did not find it in the list of available options either. How do I get to Policies.


Does your license key include the DBA Module? The DBA module is required for a handful of object types: Contexts, dimensions, Libraries, policies, policy groups, flashback archives, audit policies, refresh groups, and redaction policies.

main menu -> help -> about - does the text with DB admin module show up under toad edition info …

It does not. It says I have Xpert Edition but no DBA Module Add-Ons. Hmmm. I assumed it was just a version change since Dell took over. I will have to find out. Thank you.

If you do not see “with DB Admin Module” under help about then your license code does not inlcude it - i.e. you did not buy it. There had been no change since Dell took over or with the newer version(s) of Toad in this regard - although we have moved some feature down from DB Admin module back into bacic edition over time. But this is not one of them. My advice is to call your sales rep and see if you paid for DB Admin module and if so - then get a new license key which enables this. You would just enter the key - no need to reinstall …

Is there any love for the fully functional backport of DBMS_REDACT? I just started testing against an older and assumed Toad didn't support it at all. I started seeing it when I tested against a 12.2. I assume Toad is checking versions to enable the options.

I didn't know that an backport of DBMS_REDACT existed. Do you have a metalink doc ID that I can download it from?

Toad checks for version# to be at least 12.1 to enable DBMS_REDACT.

Edit: Hm, looking at the source, maybe I did know it at one point. I would need to make some changes to get it fully supported in schema browser, but you may be able to use it in generate schema script and schema compare.

Please do send that doc id if you have it. I don't seem to have dbms_redact on my 11gR2 database.

DocID 1588270.1 - patchset It's also in the 11.2 documentation like the Database Advanced Security Administrator's Guide.

Thanks, I'll check it out.

@chazamania Hey Chuck I can't remember if you use the beta or not, but redaction policies are enabled for in today's beta