Toad 13 Schema Browser


I have just installed Toad Version 13. From the Schema Brower we used to us it to create scripts.

For example pick a role. Go to the script table, and it only shows the roles that the role is granted to.

But on the Objects TAB is has a list of objects. in the older versions you can generate a script with everything, Now it leaves the objects off.

How can a turn this back on to create a full scripts?

It’s a bug. It’s been fixed for the first 13.1 beta, which should be available in the coming days/weeks.

Sorry about that.

Thanks for the info. Can you tell us when the next release will be out?

The beta is available now.

If you mean when 13.1 comes out of beta, that will be near the end of the summer.

Thanks again. I’ll give the beta a try.