Poor Naming of TOAD Installer File

I have started to complain about this several times in the last year or so but have always checked myself. Now, I am going to do it.

The TOAD for Oracle installer executable does not have the product version (16.1) in its name.
Instead, it has the version as '2022R3'. Today, I was asked to provide my company a copy of TOAD for Oracle 16.1. I had the file "Toad_for_Oracle_2022R3_x64_Full.exe", but I had to execute the installer and get to the (I think) third screen to confirm that it was indeed 16.1.

I cannot find anywhere in TOAD that 16.1 is referred to as 2022R3. So, the file version is not the product version as known in the wild. Either we have to keep track of the relationship of TOAD installer file names to product versions. or we have to actually run the installer and get a bit into it before we find out. We have several enclaves where TOAD is to be installed, and they are not all to be the latest version. To figure out the software version, we have to execute the installer to find out what's in it and then keep our own notes about it.

So, why don't you put the software version that everyone can relate to in the file name? That other version string does not convey the information that we need, that it is 16.1 or whatever version. The association of the file name to the software version is not even in the release notes or the About info or the Help. If the different teams would keep the docs with the installers, then we could at least see the relationship there. But, what invariably happens is that the installer gets staged by itself, and the docs remain on the PC of the acquisition POC if they are ever even downloaded by them.


Preach, brother!

I don't know how many times I've asked myself "what the heck is 2022R3".

It's the bundled installer with this naming system. Because it's not just Toad in that exe....it's Toad, SQL Optimizer, etc.

The MSI installers don't have this problem. If you aren't installing anything besides Toad, just get the MSI installer.

In the meantime, I'll raise this post to management. That naming system is truly awful.


I guess we would do that if we were only installing TOAD. Bummer.

Maybe you could find a way to make the relationship of file name to product version easier to find in the software without having to 'install to see' or go to your website. (One of our enclaves is completely sealed off from the Internet (air gap and all that).


Realistically, they probably won't change the file naming convention, but maybe I can at least convince them to put the "real" Toad version here.

That would be something, I guess.

Do you mean, if the file can't be renamed, then have the real version number somewhere in the installer?
Or are you asking that once it is installed, you can see somewhere in v16.1 that it came from 2022R2 (or whatever)?

The latter.


Look in Windows settings - in the "Add or remove programs" area.

I see this listed. If you only have 1 version of Toad installed then you'll know which Year/Release it is from this. I have about a dozen versions installed so this doesn't help me.


Also, perhaps too little too late, and not complete as I'd like it to be, but better than nothing:
2022 R4 = 16.2
2022 R3 = 16.1
2022 R2 = 16.0
2022 R1 = 15.1
2021 R3 = 15.0
2021 R2 = 14.2
2021 R1 = 14.1
2020 R2 = 14.0
2020 R1 = 13.3