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Pop-up for suggested names extremely slow


I’m currently on Toad for Oracle

I have a hefty query that refers some 20-odd tables.
The query is about 2K lines in size.

Whenever I type a table alias, followed by a period and then pause to think a moment,
Toad decides I need the pop-up for suggested column names.
I have no problem with that - it’s a very handy feature which I do appreciate.

However, in this particular query, the pop-up takes over a minute to populated.
Would it be possible to have a means of aborting the loading process?
If after, say, 5 seconds the list is not yet complete, bring up a pop-up that allows
me to either proceed and wait, cancel the process?

Just a thought…

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

Try hitting ESC. The popup can be cancelled; however, there is some work that does not support cancelling at the moment. If the delay is during a query then it can be cancelled. If the delay is during one of the parsing passes then it cannot be cancelled. If ESC doesn’t close it for you can you send me the query offline?




I just sent you the DDL and then data insert statements holding all the meta-data.
I included the install script, but it will not run unmodified in your environment.
Yet it should enable you to establish the environment.

I also included the problematic script.

Would you please give it a try?

Thanks in advance,