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Pop-up not closing after procedure ends


I’m still on beta

Yesterday, I had a long-running procedure (ca. 2 hours) that I started with F5. So I get a “Processing sript” pop-up that tells me “Task n of nn”.

After the procedure ended normally ( I know because it logs its completion to our message_log facility )
the pop-up should normally disappear. Yet this time it did not. It stayed on top, suggesting the procedure was still running.
Using a second Toad instance, I noticed the session monitor showed no relevant process being present.

Which prompted me to check our message_log where indeed the procedure had reported its normal completion.
Yet the pop-up still did not disappear. After clicking the cancel button, it did disappear, of course.

I’m aware this may be an ephemeral issue, hard to pin down, and not reproducible at will.
Until now it has happened to me just once. And this incident is related to an extremely slow DB server.

So I’m not really expecting a solution. My purpose is mainly to make you aware of this issue.
If it occurs more often, it may merit closer investigation. I’ll leave that up to you.

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis.