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Grid Popup Editor and Hugeclob

I used to be able to edit a hugeclob column by using the grid popup editor. Since I installed a new version of Toad, I am unable to edit this data. It says read-only. I need to edit xml elements for debugging. I have checked options under datagrid and read-only is unchecked. What happened?

Is the column XMLTYPE or CLOB? If XMLType, we had to make these read only because of some OCI limitations (specifically, when the OCI is in Unicode mode, which it is with Toad, then errors occur when editing XMLTYPE). Update statements will work, but literals can be a max of only 4000 characters.

CLOB datatypes should still be editable.


sometimes from interesting question all can learn something really important.

Thx for clarification.

Yes, the column is xmltype. It shows as HUGECLOB in the Data Tab of the schema browser