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Possible to Combine Tables and Views in Object Explorer Search Results?

The databases I work in have hundreds of tables and views. We don't always remember if a particular object we are looking for is either a view or a table so often have to search both. Is there a way to make the search results outpu matches for both views and tables at the same time?

I tried creating a custom group, which does put both in the same tab of the object explorer, but the search results only apply to to one or the other (whichever is selected).

I don't believe there is a way to accomplish this within the Object Explorer of TDP. However, as a nice alternative, you may find that the Object Search facility is robust enough to handle your needs.

See Screen capture below... note that you not only get a list of tables and views (you choose the obejct types) in the same common list, but you can right-click on any object/s and perform the same (right-click) functions as you would in the Object Explorer.

Hope this helps.

Yea, I did take a look at that, but that ends up taking the same or more time I think. Oh well. Thanks for the tip!