Possible to export email addresses/activities for automated job?


I was wondering if it’s possible to export the email addresses associated with an automated job (*.tas). Ideally an option to export summary information such as:

  • File name
  • Activity Name
  • Activity Type
  • Email Subject Header
  • Email addresses (to / cc / bc)
    This would be great information to provide to management and also keeping track of who is receiving email communications. Thanks

TDP doesn’t have this type of functionality.


Being able to see where all jobs are sending emails to could be very helpful specially if they send Protected Health Information (PHI) to anyone. Also for maintaining the jobs for when people leave the organization and some process is about to stop. I would submit this to the idea pond.

In my old job I had Toad installed on a server and each job had step in the begining and end that updated a job monitor table. That table had the job name, scheduled start time, estimated duration, completion time (calculated) and email address to notify in case of error for manually intervention. I then had a job that ran each hour to see which job had not run or did not complete on time and emailed the person(s) listed. You could use some similiar but it would mean more manual maintainance.

I see your point. I’ve created QAT-4230 to track this issue.



FYI, I am planning on adding a job management page similarity to what you envision but only for the scripts published and run by Toad Intelligence Server.