Possible to have standard TDP session open in addition for a Workbook session?

I can open TDP in standard mode or workbook mode, but not both. I do have "Allow multiple copies of Toad to run" enabled in options.

Also, is there a way to open a new workbook session from the standard Toad interface instead of having to click the desktop shortcut?

Having the option to allow multiple copies of Toad to run should allow you to run TDP regular and TDP workbook side by side. It works fine here and has been tested. One other person is not able to do this either.

There isn't any built in way to launch workbook from TDP regular. But you can add an External Tool to do this. Workbook is basically TDP with a different layout. You start it by using a command line arg.

"C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 5.0\toad.exe" --workflowmode=true

So go to Tools|External Tools|Configure. Fill it out like below.
external%20tools external%20launch

this will get you a launch but not necessarily fix what the issue is. if you have the multiple Toad option on there should not be any issue. Can you try to launch second toad and go to task manager and see if you have two TDPs running? Also what happens when you try to launch two regular TDPS. You should be able to do this also.

Another user has this issue and I have someone to reproduce the error. I entered QAT-14710 for this.

I am also experiencing this issue with TDP 5.0. I did not remove TDP 4.3 from my cpu and I can open multiple sessions for that version. Note that I have also enabled the "Allow Multiple copies to run.." in TDP 5.0.

QAT-14710 has been fixed and will be in the next release. 5.0.5 which will be GA in Mid June

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