I can't find toad workbook in my installation

I wanted to check out toad workbook after watching the video: Why Toad® Data Point is the perfect replacement for Brio. But it does not appear in C/Program Files/Quest Software/ Toad Data Point 6.0. Where is it?

Welcome Aaron, to the TDP community here at ToadWorld!

Yes, good question, because TDP Professional Edition only has one executable, but supports two different "skins", or GUIs.

When you install TDP Pro, two icons are created on your desktop to launch TDP: one brings up the classic interface, and the other brings up the Workbook interface. Both of these shortcuts point to the same Toad.exe, but one brings up the Workbook interface using a special launch flag.

Check the properties of the TDP Workbook shortcut, and you'll see something similar to the command line below:

"C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 6.0\toad.exe" --workflowmode=true

Hope this helps.