Problem in export wizard in TOAD for SQL Server Xpert edition 6.1

TOAD SS Xpert Edition 6.1 .

I connect to a valid DB and in the editor SQL I write a valid SQL select statement. I execute it without problems.

At this point i select TOOLS - EXPORT - EXPORT WIZARD - and copy the same statement on it.

When I press button Next I obtain an error of parser and I can't continue my export correctly.

I attach a screenshot of the problem for details

I translate for you error message : TICKETS is not a valid object name.

TICKETS is a table that exists in my DB.

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Hi Sergio,

When using the Export Wizard, please try to add database name before the schema name.

Hope this can help you.

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Hi Kelly,

many thank’s for your answer.

If I insert database name before schema name all is OK.

Why this ?

I still select and active connection in connection manager, export wizard can use it by default.

I stay tune for your consideration…

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