When automation export: Invalid object name 'M3_ODS_PROD.M3JDTP300.V_OSBSTD - TF: Sales statistic (UC)'

when using automation export Invalid object name 'M3_ODS_PROD.M3JDTP300.V_OSBSTD - TF: Sales statistic (UC)' but will runs in editor

Can't reproduce, so you'll need to supply more details of your automation, Andrew.

  1. I created a table with one of the columns having exactly the same name as you supplied.
  2. Had Toad generate the SELECT statement automatically to the editor, and it ran OK.
  3. Export Wizard on this table runs successfully, creating a CSV file.
  4. Created and ran an Automation flow with the same Export template (created in step #3 above) and it ran successfully.

I'm running the latest 7.4 version of Toad.